Monday, October 24, 2005

The event

The party went great! We should have had a bigger keg cuz we ended up running out and the the drink machine followed suit shortly after. Below are a pic of our friend Jim and Scooby and the one below that is me. Enjoy.. Gotta go to work soon and am gonna try and get some booty action before I have to split. So I'm outta here. Will try and blog more tonight. Later

I'm back. I managed to have time to get cleaned up and let Scooby bang my bootie for a little while before I had to leave for work. So we're both happy campers. I wish I'd of taken more than just a couple of pics at the party, but once things get going I'm just to busy to keep track of our camera. DAM.... Alot of people dressed up too. Excellent crowd of people. The food went over well, dam they majorly scarfed my taco salad. I had just enough for me a serving at the end of the night. The party flew by and I wish it could of lasted longer/forever.

Now I'm back to work trying to get back into the tedious swing of things. Waaaaaaa......

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