Thursday, October 06, 2005

Slightly irked

I've been battling with myself whether I should vent/blog about this or just let it go. I've decided to vent then let go, so here we go. I'm kind of irked at a few people at work and my family for not sponsoring me in the AIDS walk.

First the people at work. Ok I didn't really expect to get much from them since it is Midland aka Agrestic (the town that "Weeds" takes place in. You know the kind of small town that refuses to acknowledge they even have gay people, let along some with HIV/AIDS. "GASP not in our town." But there are a few at work that I've gave money to. Like the lady that sells Avon, shit I've bought shit loads of stuff from her in the past, and yet I get nothing. Or there is the lady that is always selling stuff for her kids for one organization or another, which I've purchased several times. And yet again nothing. I also had a few others "say" they were going to sponsor me, but then didn't. Then I had one lady come up to me this week after the fact and ask, "Is your walk over?", me:"Yes it was this last Saturday." her: "Oh I was going to donate." I tell her no problem but in my head I'm saying, yeah right.

Then there is my family. Shit with all the weddings, graduations, births, and kids birthdays that I've shelled out money for over the years you'd think I would of got something. Nadda.... I've never asked these people for anything in the past and the one time I do ask, I get no response.

I've never really been one to consider getting married, but now I'm thinking about doing it just out of spite. Just to send out wedding announcements and see who responds back. After all the money I've shelled out to my family for all there special occasions its time I get some of that back, damit. Then the ones that don't respond I can write off. No more Christmas cards for you, you cheap ass mutherfuckers.

I'd also like to put a wedding announcement in the Midland news paper saying "That we were married in the FREE country of Canada". Just to fuck with all those self righteous assholes.

There end of I can let go.


Will said...

Were you at least able to make your goal?

Michael said...

I was $20 shy of making my 100. goal.

I didn't get involved until the last 2 weeks so I was probably partially to blame. Next year I'm going to start earlier, and be more prepared.

Steve in ORF said...

Slightly late on the response to this post, but here's my take on the donations/birthdays/Avon/etc.


Stop buying things. Stop sending things. An appropriate response when asked to buy from your co-worker is being honest and forthcoming that you don't have an interest in supporting them and their venture.

As for family, immediate family is one thing (mom, dad, etc.), aunts and uncles are another. You have no obligation to support them, which is the same mentality they used on you.

Sorry to hear that you didn't make your goal. The boyfriend and I didn't make ours either for much the same reasons that you did. I bit my lip and just wrote a check to make up the difference of our goals.

Michael said...

Hey Steve,

Welcome to my blog.

My family I was refering to was my siblings and their kids and their grandkids. I think that's considered immediate. I didn't bother with my aunts and uncles, most of them are in nursing homes.