Wednesday, October 05, 2005


This morning Scooby and I were sitting on the back porch watching Ellen and about half way through we hear a big KABOOM and then the electricity goes out. Our electricity has never gone out for more than a few seconds. The lady that use to live next door, who also worked for the city told us that our house and hers are both tied into the draw bridge, so we never loose power for more than a few seconds.

Well today was a different story.

We go outside and notice that the traffic lights aren't working either. The neighbors come out and we all look down towards where the KABOOM came from. Two blocks down the street is a power station and we all see a bit of smoke wafting up into the air. The neighbor girl calls 911 to let them know. Then we see the several city vehicles fly past heading to the power station. Then comes the fire truck.

We all then hang out in front of our houses and chit chat and continue to glance at the traffic light just waiting for a car accident to happen. Thank god, it didn't. Then about a half hour later our power is restored. We found out soon after that a squirrel got into the power station and got zapped, shorting out everything. We have two Squirrels that live in our back yard....we've named them Shirley and Rocky. I saw Shirley Squirrel later on in our bird feeder. Rocky is yet to be seen....


Homer said...

That was certainly a shocking experience!

Will said...

Well I know I got a charge out of it. Nice of Mouse to keep us current like that.