Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I did very well getting my tattoo this last Friday. It turned out great, I'll post some pics once its healed. It's been about 10-12 yrs. since I've gotton a tattoo and forgot about a few things. First the healing process. Granted this is the biggest tat that I've gotten to date, but I don't remember all the oozing that happens the first few days. We were planning on going out for dinner afterward but I was bleeding color down my leg and into my sock, so needless to say we went home instead.

Another thing I didn't realize was that with leg tattoos your suppose to try and stay off you leg for the first 2-3 days. Well, I didn't know that and the very next day was the AIDS Walk....oops. I managed to get through it with out any problem, and then took the rest of the day and relaxed. Then the charlie horses started to kick in Sunday and Monday. It seems that my calve decided to all tense up into shitloads of knots. Luckily by then the oozing had stopped and the tat had started to scab over a bit. I've been massaging my leg all around the tat to try and relieve the knots in my muscles which is helping a bit. It's still kind of painful to walk. I really would like to massage right where the tat is, cuz I got a big charlie horse there. Will have to wait till its healed to do that though.

Started sleeping better till I got the tat. Now I'm not cuz I'm worried about getting ink all over everything. I've laid down an old towel now under my leg just in case and it seems to help. Had to ban the cat from the bedroom for the last couple of nights so he wouldn't drag his fat belly across my leg. So he sat outside our door and sang to us starting at about 6am till I got up to feed him.

Monday I notice that my leg was swollen, so I've been keeping it elevated whenever possible. Don't know if all this is normal shit or maybe I'm just getting older or possibly the HIV thing has a bit to do with it... don't know.

Will I do it again, SHIT YEA! At least if all this shit subsides...which I'm sure it will. Funny thing is when I went in to have it done the hot scruffy tattoo guy took a look at my leg and said, "Oh, you all ready shaved" and I admitted, "No, the hair just doesn't grow on the backs of my calves anymore." What I didn't admit too was that is the main reason for getting the tattoos, to cover the bald patches on my legs.


Will said...

Good for you for getting it and for coming through the post-tat period so well. I have a lot of them, including a full back piece. I love them all.

Can't wait for the pictures. Go, Michael!

mark said...

Can't wait to see your new Tat. Is it on or around your penis?

just checking...

thomas said...

OOOH! i can't wait to see it. post the pics soon, i'm very impatient, and post one of your cock too, just because ;-)